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Quail H Farms, LLC owns and operates over 150,000 square feet of climate controlled sweet potato storage, including our 30,000 square foot packing facility.  In order to preserve the physical and aesthetic qualities of our products, we hand sort and pack all of our produce.  This insures the highest level of quality control is applied to our products prior to their departure from our facility.

We utilize a triple was system for all of our fresh market produce, including a final ozone rinse designed to cleanse the product with an organic oxygenated water that we believe adds to the overall food safety of our produce and increases shelf life.

We pack in many sizes and types of packaging, including multiple sizes of bulk corrugated cartons, three pound bags, reusable plastic containers (RPC's), bulk 2,000 pound totes, microwaveable shrinkwrap film and other custom packs upon request from and agreement with our customers.  We palletize on standard No. 1 and No. 2 wooden pallets, and we are able to accommodate CHEP pallet requests.

We have the capacity to pack and palletize virtually any volume that our customers require, and with our four bay loading dock we can accommodate heavy truck traffic and move high volumes of product in an efficient manner.

If there is anything that you as our customer want that is non-standard, feel free to ask, as we pride ourselves in working closely with customers to deliver exactly what they need.